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Multi HIT Beaucourt's Daydream in Rio CDX photoMy devotion to shelties began in 1994 with a spunky, sable merle puppy by the name of Multi HIT Beaucourt’s Daydream in Rio CDX.  Rio was to be just a “pet”, but she soon became much more than “just a pet.”  And so the story begins.

I began taking some beginner obedience classes to get a handle on Rio.  Little did I know that those classes would open my eyes to a great big world of Obedience Trials.  Rio earned her CD in 3 trials with all of her scores being HIC.  Rio loved training and on we went the following year to attaining her CDX in the very same fashion 3 HIC and missing out on HIT by one mark.  At the time not knowing that not all dogs and handlers are fortunate enough to receive even one HIT, but HIT’s we did receive as we continued trialing.  That year her average score was 195 and was able to earn the position of #13 Sheltie in Canada.  Rio quickly picked up on the Utility exercises but due to unforseen health problems would never have the OTCH precede her name, with only 2 legs on her UD was retired from the obedience ring.

As many sheltie owners will agree, one is never enough. I felt I still didn’t have the knowledge and understanding of the breed to start a kennel and begin competing in the conformation ring. I then purchased a second puppy by the name of Multi HIT Beaucourt’s Starlit Daydream CDX. Like his sister, Phoenix earned his CD in the exact same way being awarded 3 HIC ribbons, three trials in a row. Then on to earning his CDX the following spring at the tender age of 18 months. Phoenix and I continued to trial earning multiple HIT along the way. It was time to retire Phoenix from serious competition when I realized he enjoyed working with the children in the Canine 4-H project much more than training for the Utility exercises.

After 8 years in shelties, I finally felt it was the right time to begin my kennel.  A name was needed… that was easy, Ksenia would be registered with the CKC.  Ksenia you say?  Ksenia was my Grandmother who traveled from the Ukraine, speaking no English, with toddlers in tow, to be with Grandpa who had come years before to the homestead where I now reside.  For me, Ksenia represents strength, courage and determination…qualities I feel every breeder and exhibitor requires to breed to the CKC Breed Standard without giving in to popular fads or trends in the whelping box as well as the show ring.

In 2012 my daughter Ashley and I decided it was time to show and breed Australian Cattle Dogs, since ranching is our way of life and “heelers” have always been used to work cattle here. We began the journey with the importation from the USA of a sweet red gal from Lynda Rocksvold of Austlyn Australian Cattle Dogs in Washington. Our success in the show ring, whelping box and cattlework is owed to this outstanding breeder for our foundation.

I have been a member of the Canadian Kennel Club since 1997, member in good standing with Canadian Shetland Sheepdog Association,  Australian Cattle Dog Club of Canada,  and Saskatoon Area Shetland Sheepdog Association

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Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.

~ Dean Koontz