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February 2008 AKC show in Calgary, I had 2 qualifying runs in Rally Obedience with Kilie that gave her her Rally Novice title.

At the PAKOC show in March, I was First in my Jr’s Class. I piloted Romee to a BW win on Sunday for Sittnpretty Shelties.

voodoopakoc RomeoPA

In May, I attended my very first CSSA National show and was Best Overall Junior Handler under judge Jenna Cruthers (Miqelon Shelties).  This was a very exciting and rewarding win for me since Jenna is someone I respect and admire as a handler.

Ashley best junior handler cssa

I also participated in Juniors at the Edmonton SSFC Specialty and was also Best Overall Junior.

CSSA Ash Best Junior pic

Southwest Regional 4-H Beef Show was held in Swift Current at the Frontier Days Exhibition, the end of June.  My Angus steer, “Chuck,” was second in the medium weight class.  I also placed second in 4-H showmanship and 4th in Open showmanship.  I had fun with all of my club members even in the heat!


I was back in Swift Current in July for the dog show.  Our puppy Skyler went to her first shows, and showed well.  I used “JC,”  CH Heartstrings Celebrity CGN in Jr’s and was first in my class. 

Ash JC Juniors 

In July, I attended my very first rodeo.  We went to Hallonquist and I won the Junior Pole bending on my horse Mojo.



I then went to SKOC show in Saskatoon.   What a busy weekend I had.  I showed Skyler again and was 2nd in puppy sweeps, WB one day and RWB the other.  Also, in the sheltie breed ring, I showed “Romee” to a BOW win for his last point towards his championship.  Then last minute I stepped in to help out Avonlea shelties and showed their girl to a BOS win for the day. I also participated in Jr’s.  First, the Bernese Mountain Dog National Specialty, I went Best Overall Jr. , I was then off to the Golden Retriever National Specialty where I won my Jr’s Class showing a great mover named Tyra.  On Sunday was regular Jr’s and again I won my class.  Boy was I glad to get home on Sunday night!!! 

ashnromeSKOC ashnsianSKOC

AshBernerSKOC5 Ashley Golden Retriever

Off we went to the 2007 Junior Handling Finals at the PCA shows in Balgonie.  I had a great time.  Again this year, I won the High Aggregrate Award and then for the big surprise!!!  I was Reserve Best Overall Jr. Handler for Saskatchewan.  Thanks to my favorite Jr’s sheltie “Voodoo” You showed great.  I also won Best Overall Jr in the regular Jr’s of the show.   

JR2007finals ashnvoodoojrPCA

The final shows of 2008 were at CKOC.  My specials puppy Skyler – Ch Sky’s The Limit For Ksenia took another BPIG so again I got to play in the BPIS ring.  I didn’t win but had fun!  I also showed my friend Jett a Welsh Springer Spaniel at both of the Jr Handlings and placed 1st and 4th in my classes.  I love showing him!

skyerbpig_edited jet1


Reprinted with permission as published in Canadian Shetland Sheepdog Association Winter 2007 edition.

Saskatchewan’s Junior Handler… Ashley Loitz  Submitted by Karin Stever

Please enjoy an interview with Ashley Loitz, a delightful junior handler who with her mother Barb has invested many hours in the sport of dogs and her love on the Shetland Sheepdog.

Ashley finishing her second champion “Raina” all by herself.

Hi, my name is Ashley Loitz. I am eleven years old and I love the sport of showing dogs. Our kennel name is Ksenia and I help mom with all the dogs and puppies in kennel. I live on a farm, so am also involved in 4-H with the beef and light horse projects. Prior to taking beef and light horse I was a member of the canine project. My first dog show was before I was born. My mom was at the Hub City dog show in Saskatoon four days before I was born. Ever since I have been going to dog shows all over Saskatchewan and sometimes in Alberta.

What was it about shelties that first drew you to showing this breed?

What draws my attention to shelties is that is they are a breed that has lots of coat and it is the breed that my mom began showing in obedience and conformation. I am still trying to figure out what breed I would prefer, Shelties or Australian Cattle Dogs.

What year did you show your first Sheltie?

I showed my first Sheltie in Obedience when I was about five and that was also my first year as a member of the Kyle Multiple 4H Club, but I started showing in Conformation when I was about eight and that was also when I started Jr. Handling.

Ashley HICP photo
High In Class with Judge Stephen Hazelwood at the Alberta Kennel Club show.

Who are your mentors?

My mentor when I first started and still now is my mom (Barb). She taught me all about Obedience and Conformation. Penny Lewis (professional handler) is also one of my mentors because she encourages me to try new things and to show new dogs.

Joey New Champion pic
Ashley finishing her first champion “Joey” in 2005 under Judge
Leslie Rogers at the Calgary Kennel & Obedience Club show.

What dog has had the most influence on you showing dogs?

My mom’s dog Raina has had the most influence on me showing dogs. Raina was the dog that I showed at my first Regional Finals, I showed her the most in Jr. competitions that year. I put all of her championship points on her. I also found that she was a happy dog and not scared of other dogs and for starters she was the easiest to show.

How many dogs have you shown to their championship?

I have put lots of points on random dogs. I finished 2 of my moms dogs. Raina and our male Joey. I finished Raina at the show at Moose Jaw in 2006 with a Group 3 win and Joey at Calgary in 2005 with a Winners and Best of Winners.

Describe your show routine.

My regular show routine would usually start with us arriving at between 4-5 o’ clock the day before. We would start to set up and after help friends set up and then go to supper. The 1st day of the show, depending on the time we show arrive about 2-3 hours before we go in the ring to start grooming and getting the dogs comfortable with the building. We usually only have 3 dogs to show. On day 2 basically the same pattern, I do Juniors at lunch if it’s offered and if there is a supper or banquet we usually go to that. Day 3 sometimes they have Junior Handling @ noon and so I enter up for that. At the end of the weekend we will pack up all of our things and drive off in our green Chevy and drive off to Elrose, Saskatchewan.

How will you pick which dog you will show?

Well, sometimes my mom doesn’t give me a choice. I have to show a certain dog, because that’s all that’s available, but otherwise I practice on setup day and choose which dog is working the best for me and other days friends may ask me to show one or two of their dogs, so sometimes I may use theirs.

Which colours are your favorite?

I personally like the Bi Blues because they are unique like me, considering I am an only child. I also like some Tris because the are the color of my moms 1st conformation dog, Joey.

Ashley and CH “Nikki” winning first place in Junior Open at
Swift Current in July 2007.

Do you have any aspirations in becoming a Judge?

No. I actually would like to become a Horse Trainer or a Pro Barrel Racer once I graduate High School. I already compete in some barrel racing competitions in Saskatchewan.

How many dogs do you show at a show?

I usually show 1 or 2 dogs of my own if others don’t ask me to show dogs for them.

What have been some of your most memorable show wins?

Some of my most memorable show wins have been when I won 1st in the Junior Novice category at my first Regional Finals competition. Another of my most memorable wins was when I showed my dog Joey to his championship with a BOB and 2 Winners Male wins and when I put my dog Raina to her championship with a Group 3 win.

First place in Junior Novice at Ashley’s first Junior Handling Finals in 2005.

Do you have any embarrassing moments either in the ring or Sheltie related?

I don’t have a lot that I can think of although I’m sure as the years go there will be more. I do remember the one time at the outdoor show in Calgary at Shouldice Park, I was showing in the breed ring and not even thinking about my shoes, forgot to change them and went in with my flip flops on. Oh boy!! my mom was not very impressed with that.

Any advice for Juniors just starting out?

My advice to new competitors is that, not always do you win. Keep trying, you’ll always learn more things each time you do it, and Good Luck! I hope you have as much fun, meet as many new friends, and enjoy it as much as I do!

Pictured winning Junior Open class & High Point Grand Aggregate
at the 2006 Provincial Junior Handling Finals.


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