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BIS Multi AOM GCH Ksenia’s Only Prairie Voodoo


Once Upon A Time

February 12, 2014 at 6:27 PM

Once upon a time on a sunny April spring morning a beautiful journey began.

Our morning began as all other mornings, but anticipation was in the air.  We knew it was the day our long awaited sable litter would arrive.  After much fussing and mussing, a quick trip to town had to be made.  Well worth the trip to town as SHE arrived!!!!

SHE couldn’t have been more perfect.  A girl, sable, full white collar, white blaze, and 4 white feet!

SHE needed a name, not just any name, it must be as special, as we all felt SHE was.  Well that would have to wait, you must “fit” your name we said.

Like your arrival, you waited to open your eyes too…..not until you were 16 days old.  Oh my she is going to be a force!!!  You never looked back, always the up beat happy girl looking forward to the challenge of each new day.

Finally it was decided, you would be……… “Voodoo”……….  you were our personal religion.

Your first time out in the show ring as a Sr. Puppy you were noticed, and given the puppy breed.  This was just the start.

We never did keep a detailed account of all of your accomplishments, but there were MANY!!!  We are so proud to have experienced it all with you.  What a ride it has been.

You & Ashley were the “TEAM” and me the eternal support system, making sure you were in shape,entered, groomed and happy as you could be.

Your first year out was a short one due to the fact you blessed us with a beautiful Bi Black boy “Johnny” Multi BPIG  CH Ksenia’s Only Man In Black.  We were proud of your wins including a Group 2 and a Best Brace In Show at the Canadian Shetland Sheepdog National with your mom, Mandy.

Your second year out really showed promise. You were given your first Specialty AOM, a  Gr 1, Gr 2, three Gr 3, a Gr 4 . You and Ashley winning her first Jr. Handling Provincial Finals was a highlight of the year getting to watch you both strut your stuff at Nationals and winning the Sportsmanship Award.

Our third year was the busiest as you were in your prime. With a Best In Show to start off your year.  There were many more group wins.  2012 you ranked #3 Shetland Sheepdog in Canada, #1 Shetland Sheepdog in Saskatchewan, #3 Group 7 dog in Saskatchewan, and #14 All Breeds in Saskatchewan.  #1 in our Hearts!

The decision was made to slow the shows for 2013 while we searched for a suitable boy. We also wanted to put the new CKC Grand Champion title on you.  We DID! and you were the FIRST Sheltie in CANADA  to earn it!!! You did still get to play a bit, and honour us with some more notable wins. Another Specialty AOM,  3 Group 1st, 2 Group 2nd, a Group 3rd and 4 Group 4th.  This gave you a ranking of #8 Sheltie in Canada, #2 Sheltie in Saskatchewan, and # 7 Group 7 in Saskatchewan. We did find the perfect boy for you too.

The temptation to  show you again this year was strong, but home you stayed.  You jumped to it each morning and guarded my bed each night.  For that I am ever so greatful to have experienced.  Your devotion is undeniable. We so wanted to replicate that.  So when the time was right we sent you to Mr Right!

But it was never meant to be.  Your pride and faithfulness would not let you tell us your secret.  I hate your secret!!!!!!  DAM YOU CANCER!!!!!  you may have consumed her body but her spirit will live on forever in our hearts, in our memory and in her  son & grandkids that we will cherish everyday!

Thank You for the journey, Thank You for the devotion,  Thank You for your lessons,  Thank You for your love, Thank You for showing us it can be done.

GCh BIS Multi AOM Ksenia’s Only Prairie Voodoo   “Voodoo”   April 20, 2007  –  February 12, 2014

Today my Doody you have earned your Angel Wings!   


CH Heartstrings Rainy Daze CGN


“Mom’s Pretty Girl”

My sweet quiet Raina, your time with us came to an end all too soon.
A beautiful devoted dog, who only wanted to be back home with her family. You will be forever missed.

Multi HIT Beaucourt’s Starlit Daydream CDX


September 1996 – February 2009

Always and forever the gentleman.  Loved and remembered by every 4-H kid that ever had the pleasure of training and trialing with you.

Multi HIT Beaucourt’s Daydream In Rio CDX

Multi HIT Beaucourt's Daydream in Rio CDX photo

September 7, 1994  –  August 24, 2005

Forever my Soul Mate.  There are not enough words to tell your worth.
My Friend, My Teacher, My Guardian, My Joy, My Sorrow, My Pretty Lady, My Poopa Dog.  Oh, how I miss that bark and those darn prick ears.
May your days at The Bridge be filled with birds to chase and cats to bark at. Until we meet again sweet lady.

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