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CH Heartstrings Lites Out
Ksenia CGN, RN, PCD

Eyes CERF normal, vWD VetGen clear, thyroid TgAA negative & hips OFA Good

In my search for a foundation bitch, I knew I wanted descendants of the Beaucourt Kennel, I was already familiar with the health and development of the line and very happy with the temperaments of these dogs. I was fortunate to discover that Heartstrings Shelties had just what I was looking for. Kilie has already proven her worth by passing that wonderful temperament on in her puppies. After growing a new coat, Kilie will be making her entrance into the obedience ring in hopes of being my next HIT dog.



CH Ksenia’s
Centennial Dream


CERF normal, vWD clear, thyroid function normal TgAA negative, hips WCVM Excellent.



CH Kaczbar’s
Guns Ablazen Ksenia

CERF normal, vWD VetGen clear, TgAA negative, Hips WCVM Good



CH Ksenia’s
Only Man in Black

CH Shobna Ace Of Spades CGN, RN, CD
x CH Ksenia’s Only Prairie Voodoo



CH Ksenia’s
Cowgirl In Blue


CH Kaczbar’s Guns AblazinKsenia  x
CH Sky’s The Limit For Ksenia


Ch Sky's The Limit For Ksenia "Skyler"

Ch Sky’s The Limit For Ksenia

She is CERF normal, vWD clear, Thyroid pending, & hips at 2 years


Ksenia’s Cowgirl Finesse


CH Ksenia’sDoppleganger








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